Junior News

Dawn Pallister

Posted on 20th June 2020

To continue with our ‘shine a light’ on coaches and volunteers during lockdown. I would like to highlight someone who works tirelessly in the background to keep our club running smoothly. With the club being so big now (over 200 members) we have many dedicated volunteers who keep everything ticking along without anyone really knowing the scope of their role. Dawn Pallister is our Kit Manager, although the children know her mainly as ‘the nice lady’ that brings them, strips, coats, tracksuits water bottles etc. her role is much bigger than that. Dawn sources kit, equipment and does numerous admin jobs and has recently agreed to assist in the club subcommittee along with so much more. I do believe her car actually drives itself to our suppliers in Sunderland, she is there that often and she has built up a fantastic relationship with them ensuring we always get the best deals on kit and a first class service. Due to the recent CoVID-19 outbreak she was also tasked with sourcing PPE for all of our coaches and volunteers to ensure we were ready to get back to training as soon as we were able. Somehow, Dawn managed to source antibacterial hand gel, wipes, gloves and masks even when there was a national shortage. We can always rely on Dawn to go above and beyond for the the kids.

Dawn is one of those people who always says, “it’s not a bother”, and although she probably did not know what she was getting herself into when offering to help her son’s team out in 2018, we just couldn’t manage without her. Dawn also volunteers at one of our local schools and generously gives up her time arranging fundraisers for the school and the club. Dawn has sourced grants from large businesses to secure kit, equipment and tournaments for the children of Brandon United. Dawn really is a Community Champion and on behalf of the club, committee, coaches and children we would like to thank Dawn for everything she does. Our volunteers within the club are as diverse and unique as the children we serve. If anyone has any spare time and would like to help out in the future, then please get in touch.

I should add she will be mortified by this, but it’s time she was recognised for the great work she does. Thank you Dawn Pallister.