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Fitness coach Jordan Tomlinson

Posted on 28th July 2019

Introduction to the Management Team | Jordan Tomlinson

Also welcome to the Club, our fantastic physio and fitness coach Jordan Tomlinson. Jordan has a wealth of experience in playing in the Northern League, but now brings his experience and skills to the management team. Jordan has known Rob from being a teenager, working with him as a player, and now returns full cycle as a key part of the management team.

Rob said: “Jordan is a real coup for this Club. His experience not only as a player but as a physio are going to be invaluable, and the lads already have reacted positively. We are loving having him around, and being a close friend, am sure this addition will be a long lasting one to our project. I know he is keen to make a change at our club and be apart of it, and knowing his character as I do, am sure he will excel!”

Jordan said “Firstly I would like to thank Rob and his team for making me welcome as this is the first time I have worked with many of them. Having excelled as a player and making it to professional level under the guidance of Rob and his (then) team, to be offered this chance to work with him again was a real excitement for me!

My own past experiences tell me enormously about how an injury can impact on a player and now I am a part of correcting that. I will give nothing short of 100% commitment and dedication to this team and more so to ensure our players have the correct treatment and relevant therapy throughout.

Last but not least, thank you to Home & Garden (Keith Liddle) & JPT Sports Therapy Centre for this seasons sponsorship.”