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Posted on 19th August 2017

I reflect on the opening 4 game with a little frustration in every game.  We've had more of the ball than the opposition and long spells where we have controlled the game but managed to shoot ourselves  in the foot through individual mistakes which have ended up costing us points.

The Ryton game was bizarre to say the least.  Ryton had five shots and scored five goals - again frustrating as we had more of the ball and possession but came out the game looming like we'd had a hiding when in truth it was far from that.  Next up was the game away to Bedlington, where,  I think, on the day a 2-2 draw was about the right result.  Then at the weekend we travelled to what looked like a strong Tow Law side, but again, a game we dominated from start to finish.  Once again though, we came away frustrated having led 3-2 with just fifteen minutes to go and again through individual mistakes we come away with nothing, losing the game 5-3.  The pleasing aspect about the Tow Law game was that I could see the penny had dropped with lads and we're now working as a unit - working for one another and stopping the opposition playing.  And then on Wednesday night at home to Crook Town they put it all together and came away with a very important three points against a good Crook side defeating them 2-0.

As I said preseason,  I'm very happy with squad and the talent we have here but when you have four or five new players coming to a club that are not used to playing the system we play it was always going to take a little time.  But I think we're certainly not far off where we need to be to push us up the League.  I genuinely believe this season is going to be the toughest second division for a few year as there does not seem to be any weak teams.  We'll have to scrap for every point, but myself and the management team have worked hard at keeping hold of our best players and adding more quality to the squad.  We have a lot of belief that this squad of players is good enough to compete in the top half of the League.  But I would imagine every other manager will be saying the same thing to their players and supporters.  At the end of the day there will be nowhere to hide and the results will speak for themselves.