Senior News

New Club Badge

Posted on 26th July 2017

During the season it was decided to make a change to the club badge to something more modern and more in tune with the history of the club and area.

The old badge featured a boar which a lot of people feel the name Brandon comes from. The other theory is that it is composed of elements of Old English, brom (brushwood) dun (hill) hence brushwood hill.

Personally I favor the latter mainly due to a recent visit to my daughter at university in Bristol. Her student accomodation is next to a steep hill called Brandon Hill. This has no association with wild boars but is a steep hill with trees and bushes at the top. I admit this evidence is anecdotal and I think this is a debate left to better qualified people.

What is not in doubt is the mining and working class heritage of the area and we hope the new badge reflects this.

 If you would like a new Brandon United pin badge they are £3-00 plus postage and packaging from any committee member.